Market Analysis & Research

At the genesis of every significant marketing, branding, advertising, and creative undertaking, we embark on an elaborate process of briefing and extensive market investigation. This intricate phase encompasses the possibility of conducting customer research or convening a commencement workshop.

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Research is the basis to creating a solid brand and communications strategy

Understanding is KEY

When we embark on significant marketing, branding, advertising, digital, and creative service endeavors, we commence by gaining a profound comprehension of your clientele, rivals, and the market as a whole. This encompasses a comprehensive exploration that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative methods, such as desk and digital research, online surveys, telephone interviews, and focus groups. If necessary, we possess extensive expertise in conducting original research. Additionally, we recognize the significance of internal research. On numerous occasions, we discover that the catalyst for a successful campaign, brand, or organization lies within its internal workings.

Market research and analysis services

Historically, market analysis has been detached from advertising and brand approach. Majority of the market research organizations operate independently from advertising and branding firms, and this transition often leads to a discrepancy in the final message. We have established Process IN LAB, a venture initiated and managed by scientists and marketers who believe in the direct connection between a company's understanding and its brand communication.

Market exploration genuinely marks the initiation of the marketing journey; a journey that is consistently transforming alongside the brand. Our association with healthcare professionals, scientists, and everyday consumers adds immense value to our process.

Through our fully integrated and scientific methodology for market research, we can devise a strategy that aligns flawlessly with your brand, communication, and digital aspirations. Crucially, as your brand progresses, our approach evolves correspondingly. Right from the outset, the techniques we employ and the inquiries we pose are meticulously designed with every facet of your strategy in consideration.

Access to the right participants

We offer a wide range of resources to assemble the appropriate panel members at the appropriate moment. This includes a diverse array of scientific experts who have handson experience utilizing ultralow temperature freezers, as well as CEOs from innovative technology startups. IN LAB employs online platforms and strategic targeting methods to identify qualified individuals for every survey or interview. Our expansive, dynamic, and adaptable panel is hosted on a cloudbased platform, enabling us to effectively address various business inquiries.

Combining science and marketing

IN LAB has devised a proven technique for amalgamating the legitimacy gauges of scientific investigation with the applicability of market exploration to fabricate enlightenments that bring about the subsequent stride of tactics, blueprint, and correspondences. Our novel approach to forming connections with healthcare practitioners, researchers, intellectual luminaries, and regular consumers gives rise to a plethora of pertinent data.

Research creating serious impact

Our dedicated research team collaborates closely with our strategy and marketing divisions to ensure a seamless journey from gaining understanding to making a significant impact. The research activities revolve around the essential queries that need to be posed to elevate the brand's status to new heights, and the outcomes we achieve are truly remarkable. The distinctive perspectives we acquire on your behalf are readily applicable, enabling you to enhance decisionmaking for your brand's positioning, value propositions, and offerings to your esteemed clientele.

What We Offer

What makes us different from others? We give holistic solutions with strategy, design & technology.

Branding & Advertising

We assist companies in establishing connections and fostering engagement by discovering an unparalleled persona in the industry. Starting from devising strategies and determining positioning to creating distinctive logos and engaging graphic designs, we craft advertising campaigns and produce materials for identity and communications. Our aim is to construct credibility and drive sales.

Inbound & Content Marketing

We have a diverse group of inbound-certified professionals, including content experts, writers, and designers who are well-informed about your target audience and capable of crafting an effective inbound marketing plan. This strategy aims to draw visitors to your website, convert them into potential customers, and ultimately drive conversions.

Online and Offline Digital Marketing

Our expertise lies in digital and social media solutions, pay per click (PPC) advertising, as well as search engine optimization/marketing (SEO/SEM) and Google Adwords. We are well-versed in all major social media platforms, and can provide comprehensive support for both your promotional campaigns and natural online visibility.

Web Design & Develop

Our skilled Developers, in collaboration with our creative Design team, are crafting exceptional, contemporary, and unparalleled web experiences! Each design is meticulously tailored to align with the specific requirements and visions of our esteemed clients, in close partnership with our highly proficient team.

Social Media Automation

Our social networking options can effectively enhance and expand your business operations. Whether it involves conducting brand recognition campaigns or fostering thoughtful contemplation. Furthermore, when our digital marketing offerings are integrated, we can achieve significant return on investment, affording you the ability to precisely identify your desired clientele.


Selecting the appropriate e-commerce platform stands as a pivotal choice that both you and your business ought to ponder profoundly. Embark on the online realm, transitioning your retail store or conventional sales channel into a digital emporium. Supposing you vend any form of merchandise, it becomes highly advisable to possess one.


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