Responsive Web Design

Advances in technology have led to a proliferation of mobile devices in recent years. Whilst they haven’t entirely killed off the desktop computer, it has resulted in a larger number of people adopting smartphone and tablet usage when surfing the net. So much so that mobile sales have now surpassed desktop sales, with mobile internet usage imminently expected to exceed desktop internet usage.

A responsive web design will ensure that your company website provides a fluid user-friendly experience across all devices with no necessity for people to scroll or resize. Making the transition to a responsive web design could give you a significant edge over your competitors, helping you reduce the risk of losing valuable traffic and sales. It’s worth bearing in mind too that Google are strong advocates of responsive web design.

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Full Service Web Design

First there's the front end design: what visitors see and interact with – whether it's clicking a mouse, scrolling over pictures or jumping from page to page. Then there's the back end design, the part that we set up but you ultimately control, including Content Management Systems (CMS) - a fancy name for the way information is arranged to make it easy for visitors to access.

A web design process that is seamlessly integrated is the CMS Web Solutions advantage. We can help your business. From concept to completion, CMS is your one stop web design shop.

Web Application Development

Current Era is the era of apps. The need for applications development on all platforms, be it Web apps, Mobile apps or Social, has increased in last decade. We specialize in developing custom applications that suit your business requirements. With expertise in managing development projects using next-gen technologies like .Net, Java, PHP, XML, EJBs, and Web services, we enhance our client’s position in the market space.

One of the best things about developing apps for your company is that there are so many ways to build relationships with your clients. The options are endless - from simple social plugins to more sophisticated applications that create social spaces for users.

Over the past 10 years, Process IN has been at the forefront of app development, creating Facebook apps and working with many third-party API’s, like Google,, Equifax, Twitter, FedEx and more. 

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