Website Analytics

Know Your Visitors, Boost Your Traffic. A web analytics tool is powerful. It allows you to track and analyze specific website traffic, campaign performances, and visitor activities. No wonder it's vital to the success of any website and Internet marketing effort. Google Analytics is robust, it's used by most websites, and best of all, it's free! However, unless it is used properly and the results accurately interpreted, the statistics can be meaningless, or even misleading.

We understand Analytics

Our team of Analytics specialists translates your stats, uncovering behavioural trends and otherwise hidden conclusions about what's working - or not. These valuable insights allow you to refine your tactics for increasing qualified leads and conversion rates.


Performance Analytics

You know your company needs to be online. But you may not know which channel(s) to invest in, or how to optimize your spend in each. You may also wonder if your website can convert the traffic that you work so hard to generate. And while everyone claims to be an SEO or PPC expert, you don’t know whom to trust.

At Process IN we understand that you need to see results in the form of leads generated through your website. That’s why we offer Performance-based Marketing, a strategy that combines SEO, PPC, and Conversion Optimization into a single service, tied directly to the results generated.

We are so confident that we can deliver the results you need that we offer our services on contingency to select clients. That means our clients pay us only when they see results. We use our full arsenal of services – SEO, PPC, banner advertising, audience targeting, Conversion Optimization, and many others – to generate qualified leads.

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